This entry talks of a certain reason for time whenever I went on a night out together from OkCupid after making the website as a result of a checkered last leading to us to just take a rest.

The Guy:


The Content:

The guy messaged me personally, and that I ended up being satisfied by his resume.  In follow-up texts, Im deterred by his tip to meet up at the same coffee shop again and again.  “Logistics be difficult,” said Socrates.  “Yeah, Logistics can be a deal-breaker,” concurred Plato.

The Date:

The restaurant also food weighed-by-the-scale and that I finished up spending 15 dollars that could nicely are 20 million (i am broke!). I bought an egg-salad: frequently viewed as the least gorgeous food on the planet.  Fortunately, i’m unworried concerning outcomes.

The guy is a good at talking, he’s wise, and he is regarded as men and women whom states issues that will inherently make me personally drool. Those terms are:





Any reference to connections with highly successful people.

As a young, job-hungry star, I am able to feel my ears perk up.  A “casting treatment”, you say???  Looking for to throw the SUPRISINGLY CHARMING AND FUNNY YOUNG LADY YOU USUALLY OCCUPY A TABLE ALONGSIDE?  When it’s possible to smell CLOUT on boys, you might be similar, “Oh, fuck! I gotta roll for day number 2.” What i’m saying is, I DID humbly ask the universe to produce me personally with a person who provides my personal art one step further, is it possible that the may be the kind it really is getting presented to me personally??!!?!

Absolutely that story about one whoever house is getting inundated, and his next-door neighbors find and say, “arrive all of our automobile, We’re leaving right here! You’re going to drown”.  The man states, “God helps you to save me personally.” Thus, the neighbors drive off, the water becomes greater, and a boat arrives by.  “arrive aboard,” claims the head.  “No,” states the guy, “Jesus helps you to save me personally.”  Very, the ship moves on, while the water becomes greater, in addition to guy is actually forced onto the roofing system of their home, and a helicopter flies more than.  The pilot says, “I’ll fall a rope; ascend upwards!”  Together with man claims, “No. God will save you myself!”  The chopper flies out, in addition to liquid gets higher,  together with man drowns, and when the guy hits heaven, he or she is satisfied by God.  “God! I was thinking you had been likely to save yourself myself!” states the man.  “I sent you a warning, a boat, and a helicopter; just what much more happened to be you finding?”

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We fear i’m the guy in the last story where it has to do with my reputation job, but I’m want, “Isn’t that just narcissism?” That guy passed away. In a flood. And ignored provides for support… Maybe this isn’t a similar thing.  But, like, perhaps this might be, perhaps this IS the warning or ship or chopper?  We choose to hold that at heart.

Okc.24 ordered a cookie that was hardly touched while I devoured the egg green salad (my personal egg salad gives most of the young men on yard, and they’re like….that’s unappealing).  It was a discussion that has been good, but never lost the feeling of measurements both right up for after that decades opposition of “American’s Then leading dull Date at Coffee Shop”  He mentions discovering theatre humdrum, and I wonder if the guy see me personally dull or boring.  In the end, i will be a TheatreGurl.

As we completed our food, we strolled out with each other and hugged in the street place.  Our sentiments happened to be largely, “best of luck along with your existence!” creating myself genuinely believe that the guy and I also happened to be both maybe not enthusiastic about the other. “But how could he not like ME?” I wonder.  Probably it actually was my reference to a blog: blogs scare men, while they believe you will write on them.  Unfortunately for him, the label does work.  We’ve perhaps not spoken because coffee-shop date.

We known as a proper NYC-bred son to inquire about his opinion of okc.24.  The NYC son was actually amusing and fun to talk to.   Discussion was actually simple and reassuring; We probably spoke for 25 moments before I became uncomfortable that i would appear to wanting to carry on the chat.  As I ended the decision back at my iPhone, I thought, “i recently wish to date a person who tends to make myself LAUGH! It really is therefore real! If a boy can make you chuckle, he can allow you to do anything!!!!!”