Non-Surgical Breast Lift/Enlargement

$120 Per Treatment, 5 Treatments $500

Our Non-Surgical Breast Lift treatment is designed to give you fuller, and firmer breasts. The painless procedure can produce immediate results, with more long lasting results if you undergo a course of treatments. Unlike surgery, our Non-Surgical Breast Lift treatment is designed to enhance your bodies assets in a safe a natural way, without breaking the bank.

Treatment Summary:

Procedure Time:  30 minutes per session
Back to Work, No down-time
Anesthetic: Not required
Full Recovery*: Immediately
Sensitivity Period: 1-3 days estimated
No. of Treatments: 1-8 treatment(s)
Results*: Immediately
Results Duration*: Potentially Long-term
Potential Risks: Mild Temporary Redness
Results may vary. Great Medical Spa cannot guarantee specific results

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