$150 Per Treatment, 5 Treatments $620

This is a non-surgical solution for butt enhancement & shaping, with no downtime. Our Non-Surgical Butt Lift transfers fat from another location to the patient’s buttocks where it is then sculpted to the desired shape, lift, and plumpness. This painless procedure can produce immediate results with more lasting results if you undergo a course of treatments.

Treatment Summary

Procedure Time: 45 minutes per session
Back to Work
No down-time

Anesthetic: Not required
Full Recovery*: Immediately
Sensitivity Period: 1-3 days estimated
No. of Treatments: 1-8 treatment(s)
Results*: Immediately
Results Duration*: Potentially Long-term
Potential Risks: Mild Temporary Redness

Results may vary. Great Medical Spa cannot guarantee specific results